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    5N2 Soup Kitchen Project

    5N2 owner Seema David

    5N2 farm hydroponically-grown leafy greens



    Scarborough, ON



    Owned By:

    Seema David


    • Year round: kale and romaine
    • Spring/Summer: various crisp lettuce varieties based on demand
    • Fall/Winter: various bitter/stronger flavoured lettuce varieties


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    5N2 Farms grows an assortment of leafy greens hydroponically. Seeds are non-GMO or open pollinated.

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    5N2, a Canadian registered charity, was founded by Seema David in 2013. Seema immigrated to Canada in 2007 from India and was shocked by the homelessness evident on the streets of Toronto. As Canada’s financial capital, Toronto was supposed to represent a place of opportunity – not hardship. After meeting other recent immigrants struggling to feed their families, Seema was determined to help her new community.

    Seema has dedicated her life to ensuring marginalized communities can access fresh, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food support. She started 5N2 serving food out of her church kitchen.

    This labour of love quickly outgrew the small church kitchen, and she leased a nearby commercial kitchen with the small donations she had.

    Over the last few years, the demand for food support and the number of families facing food insecurity has risen dramatically. The current inflation and cost-of-living crisis are affecting our community’s most vulnerable, and 5N2 is working hard to ensure that no one goes hungry in Scarborough and the GTA.

    Today, 5N2 distributes over 4,100 free meals and grocery supports to the residents of Scarborough each week.

    5N2 Farms is a new social enterprise project growing in-house fresh produce, creating a revenue stream with the aim of becoming self-sustainable and supporting our free food programs.

    The mission is to fight food insecurity in our communities with the vision to produce sustainable and equitable nutrition for marginalized communities.