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    Our Values & Sourcing Standards

    100km Foods was founded on core values that guide our decision making about what products we source, where they are sourced from and why we choose to work with the farmers and producers that comprise our incredible network.


    We feel a sense of connectedness with, and responsibility to, the land on which we live, raise our families, and do business. We have a vested interest in knowing the story behind our food and giving back to the place that sustains us as people, and as an organization.


    100km Foods was founded on values of fairness, transparency, sustainability, community and great food. It is through this lens that we make all of our decisions. We walk the walk and say no to misaligned opportunities.


    The force for social responsibility comes from within at 100km Foods. We are driven by our own mission and values, not the approval of others. We help establish real and meaningful relationships between eaters and producers, offering complete transparency about where food comes from.


    We maintain our original missions since 2007, to create a viable local food system. Every action that we take is purposeful and intentional with that overarching goal in mind.


    The social mission of the company is woven into the very fabric of who we are. It is not a response to a market pressure or to display corporate responsibility. Our brand, our values and our relationships are intentional and integral to everything we do.

    Our Sourcing Guidelines

    When we are sourcing products for the 100km Foods, we evaluate products and vendors based on the following criteria:

    Can We Source Identify?

    We need to know where the product and the ingredients used are coming from. 

    Where are the product ingredients sourced? Is the main product (or the main ingredient) grown in Ontario? Can it be grown/sourced in Ontario?

    We believe that you should know the story behind where your food comes from, who grew it, and how it was grown. This is why we source identify all our products so that you always know the farmer who grew your food or the producer who made it. 

    Is There A Community Benefit?

    Does this product give back to the community where it is produced? Is it made with fair labour practices? Who owns the company? Does it regenerate the community?

    These are all questions that we ask ourselves when we are vetting vendors interested in selling their products at 100km Foods so that you can be confident in knowing that your purchases are supporting our local community. 

    Is There An Environmental Benefit?

    Does the production of the product regenerate the environment and use ecological best practices? What are the growing practices? Does the packaging take the environment into consideration?

    We prioritize working with vendors who make decisions about their business operations and procedures with the environment in mind.

    Is This A Unique Product?

    Is this a special product that our customers are seeking? We pride ourselves in sourcing some of the most unique products from our local farmers and food producers.

    Questions About Where Our Food Comes From?

    If you have any questions about the source of your food, feel free to drop us a line. We’re happy to send you what we know, or learn and share!