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    We Connect Chefs With 100+ Ontario Producers

    100km Foods is a wholesale local food distributor in Toronto connecting chefs with products from local farmers and producers. With our help, farmers gain access to large, urban markets, chefs gain access to delicious, farm-fresh food and consumers get to enjoy this food at local restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. It's a win for all involved. Together, we are helping create a viable local food economy in Ontario!


    100km Foods fosters genuine, authentic relationships between you and the 100+ Ontario farmers and producers in our network who grow your food. We source identify by every product that we sell by the farm who grew it or the producer who made it so you always know where your food is coming from.


    We offer you unparalleled customer service, making it simple to plan a seasonal menu that showcases the incredible products Ontario has to offer. In turn, your guests get to enjoy a fantastic dining experience & are able to truly connect with where their food is coming from and how it was grown.


    We pride ourselves on sourcing some of the freshest, high-quality ingredients Ontario has to offer. We have 1000+ local food products available year round from 100+ different local producers, offering a vast selection of produce, meat, sustainable seafood, dairy, artisanal cheeses and dry goods.

    Local Product Offerings

    100km Foods sources a variety of different types of Ontario products from our network of organic and conventional farmers and producers.

    Our product catalogue consists of local fruits and vegetables, cheeses, dairy, dry goods, meats, fish, and cured meats - all source identified by the particular farm or producer that the product came from.

    We have proudly provided some of Toronto's best restaurants with high-quality, flavourful ingredients, connecting our chefs directly with the people and the land that grew it.


    Why Choose Us?

    We're experts in local food and an essential partner for chefs when planning seasonal menus.

    We give you access to the highest quality, fresh local products from our network of producers - delivered to your door in as little as 24 hours after harvest!

    We have strong relationships with our network of producers & can connect you directly with the producers who grow your food.

    We keep you up to date with seasonal product availability, growth forecasts & unique product offerings with weekly updates.

    What Our Chef Partners Say


    "100km Foods is the perfect tool for any chef to connect to local farms and fisheries. It allows us to source the best produce, meat and fish Ontario has to offer, in season at its peak. All the while supporting Canadian farmers."


    "I have always loved purchasing through 100km foods (12+years!) and trust the fundamentals of the company. They’re a direct link between chef and producer, which provides me with fresher, healthier quality food that’s in-season. I love visiting 100km’s producers with a team from Avling to see first hand where get our ingredients from."


    "I do my best to buy from farms that are committed to producing nutritious food from healthy soils. Without 100km Foods this would be extremely difficult."


    Provenance: We feel a sense of connectedness with, and responsibility to, the land where we live, raise a family, and do business. We have a vested interest in knowing the story behind where our food comes from and giving back to the place that sustains us as people, and as an organization.

    Integrity: 100km Foods was founded on values of fairness, transparency, sustainability, community and great food and it is through this lens that we make all our decisions. We walk the walk and say no to misaligned opportunities.

    Authenticity: The force for social responsibility comes from within at 100km Foods. We are driven by our own mission and values, not the approval of others. We help establish REAL and MEANINGFUL relationships between chefs and producers, offering complete transparency about where their food comes from.

    Purposefulness: We have a clear mission that has not changed since the beginning, to create a viable local food system and every action that we take is purposeful and intentional with that overarching goal in mind.

    Thoughtfulness: The social mission of the company is woven into the very fibre of who we are as an organization. It is not a response to a market pressure to show corporate responsibility. Our brand, our values and our relationships are intentional and everything we do is through this lens, and for this purpose.

    Are you a vendor interested in selling your products through 100km Foods? Contact us to inquire!