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    Gidney Fisheries Ltd.

    Gidney Fisheries

    Gidney Fisheries



    Digby, Nova Scotia



    Owned By:

    Barry & Bruce Gidney


    • Canadian Lobster


    Year Round

    Growing/Sourcing Practices:

    Sourcing: Gidney Fisheries continues with the tradition of procuring, selecting, processing and delivering the finest quality lobsters harvested from the rich fishing grounds of the Bay of Fundy, Saint Mary's Bay and Southwestern Nova Scotia. We procure our lobsters from local fishermen, grade them to meet the highest of standards, process them in our technologically advanced storage facilities and deliver them through efficient logistics. We are proud of having cultivated long-standing and trusted relationships with generations of lobster fishermen from the ports of Digby Neck. We are committed to our communities and the sustainability of the fishery in which we have relied on for over 125 years. Our long-term success has been a result of a tradition of hard work, integrity, trust and a dedication to quality seafood.

    Sustainability: It is significant to note that HPP processing is one of only 2 methods currently approved by the WWF and PETA to process a lobster. None of the traditional frozen processing methods are approved by either organization. Gidney Fisheries is also pleased to provide our clients with certified MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) lobster. The sustainable fishing practices of our local fishermen has been recognized as producing a superior quality lobster and you can trust that your lobster will be from a well-managed fishery.

    Our Process: HPP or High Pressure Processing, is a relatively new technology in the frozen lobster processing industry. Our state of the art technology is based on a German High Pressure Processing machine, sometimes used to make cold-pressed juice, which creates pressure of up to 87,000 pounds per square inch. The machine compresses the lobster in its shell, breaking the connective tissue, killing the lobster in seconds and allowing the meat to be extracted entirely raw — a selling point for chefs and consumers, as the process is considered humane and improves meat yields. The resulting lobster meat is a completely raw product that is expertly extracted from the shell entirely intact. The raw lobster meat has had no heat applied and no additives to adulterate or change our finished product’s natural flavor. HPP frozen raw lobster is a superior product when compared to traditionally cooked and processed frozen lobster meats. By offering a raw product, processed naturally without the use of additives, the end user/chefs can cook to their preferred texture and flavor profile. The HPP process also tenderizes the lobster meat naturally as part of the HPP process. In comparison, traditionally cooked and frozen lobster meats are generally overcooked resulting in a coarse texture and is often very salty. Additives are also commonly used to increase yield, reducing quality and producing excessive water loss to the end user.

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    Gidney Fisheries is a Canadian family owned Nova Scotian business that only works with lobster. Sustainability has been a family tradition from the very beginning which is why we only produce Wild caught & MSC Certified Lobster. And with our state of the art technology, we are able to efficientlly process and delivery Nova Scotia's Best Lobster 365 days a year.