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    Real Canadian Exports Inc.



    Newton/Perth East, ON



    Owned By:

    Arshdeep Virk


    • Canola oil


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    Our NON-GMO canola is 100% locally & sustainably grown by Ontario farmers in the fertile fields of Huron & Perth County, cold pressed at our own facility in Perth East and bottled in New Market by our SQF certified Co-packer.

    All our local partner farms strictly follow 5-year crop rotation pattern to make their agricultural practises more sustainable.

    Currently our product carries Food Land Ontario & Verified NON-GMO Project seals. We are also registered under Safe Food for Canadians Act and hold a valid SFCR License issued by CFIA.

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    Who We Are

    Real Canadian Exports Inc. is a federally incorporated 3-year-old agri-food business start-up working with local farmers in Huron & Perth County, Ontario.

    What We Do

    We cultivate, press, and bottle our 100% local Cold Pressed Canola Oil right here in Southern Ontario. It is marketed and sold under the name - ‘Real Canadian Gold’.

    Why/How We Started

    Our founder, Arshdeep Virk started this project with a very simple idea, but with uncompromising attitude, to produce minimally processed, local & sustainable healthy food which always comes NON-GMO/ Organic sources.

    Our Mission

    Our efforts aim to solve a lesser-known agricultural problem: Not all NON-GMO crops come from sustainable farming! That’s why we go to great lengths to guarantee sustainability. Our initiative benefits both farmers and consumers with a unique option that’s much better than the conventional practices.

    Clean Canadian Canola – Always NON-GMO

    Homegrown and sustainable, our Clean Canadian Canola is produced locally and honestly.

    Unlike other producers, we maintain pristine standards of purity! This priority stems from the roots of the canola seed’s journey, starting from its carefully-guarded germination process, where it sprouts in the nutrient-rich best soils of southern Ontario—nurtured daily by our caring local farmers.

    By using a combination of traditional and new-age technologies, we never stop exploring innovative ways for our families to enjoy this incredible crop. Ultimately, our goal is to offer a whole new class of canola oil, invigorated with a renewed reputation across the globe—one that is socially and environmentally responsible.