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    Upper Canada Cheese Company

    Upper Canada Cheese Company

    Upper Canada Cheese Company



    Jordan Station, ON



    Owned By:

    Wayne Philbrick


    • Niagara Gold - Washed Rind Semi-Firm Guernsey Cow's Milk Cheese
    • Nosey Goat - Washed Rind Semi-Firm Goat's Milk Cheese
    • Heritage - firm, clothbound cheddar made from Guernsey Milk
    • Jordan Station - Washed Rind Semi-Firm Guernsey Cow's Milk Cheese, smoked with Maple Wood
    • Guernsey Girl - Guernsey Milk Grilling Cheese


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    Upper Canada Cheese's Guernsey cow's milk is sourced locally from a single herd of cows. The goat's milk in their cheeses comes from various local farms in southern Ontario.

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    Wayne Philbrick, Upper Canada's Founding Partner, grew up in Niagara on a peach farm. A lover of fresh, local produce he was fascinated with cheese he had purchased on a trip to Quebec. This planted the seed of his idea for Upper Canada Cheese Company and the artisan cheeses it would craft. When he returned, Wayne began to experiment at home with milk from the local Guernsey herd, located on the Niagara Escarpment.

    After arduous trials, two fine cheeses - Niagara Gold and Comfort Cream - were perfected, and the Upper Canada Cheese Company was established in 2005. Today, Upper Canada Cheese Company proudly offers a wide selection of award-winning cheeses made with fresh Guernsey cow's milk, that boasts a high A2 Protein, and wholesome goat milk from local farms right here in Ontario! They are fortunate to be able to use fresh Guernsey milk from the family-owned Comfort Farms, located in St. Ann’s, Ontario, whose generations of farming experience have allowed them to produce high quality, reliable milk all year round.

    As artisan cheese makers, Upper Canada Cheese Company pride themselves in making cheese by hand, in small batches, and are committed to the tradition of the cheese maker’s art. Unlike large-scale cheese producers, Upper Canada does not standardize their cheesemaking milk, instead they rely on seasonality and terroir. By doing so, the milk they use is transformed into cheese of unique taste and texture that reveals a subtle range of flavours influenced by the seasons, forage and feed. Each wheel of Upper Canada cheese is produced by hand, ensuring genuine care and quality, but also resulting in cheeses that are more complex in taste.